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Is Prathap Pothen’s bad remarks are about Jayaram..?

Is Prathap Pothen’s bad remarks are about Jayaram-Latest Malayalam Movie News-Onlooekers media

Actor Prathap Pothen’s latest status is now become a source of controversy in mollywood as in that status he had described an actor in Malayalam and calls him a racist based on some comments he had made earlier. Pratap Pothen In his Facebook status Says that he had a chat with a mimicry artist and Pothen says that actor had become a star only because his first ever role was a in film with  Pratp Pothen’s brother Hari Pothen’s company.

Later this actor didn’t turn up even for Hari Pothen’s funeral and didn’t have the decency to send a condolence message as well after the demise of Hari Pothen whose company introduced him. Next Pothen alleges that this actor then through some of his contacts became a star in mollywood and made a lot of money acting in films. Pothen says sarcastically here that this actor thought himself to be Marlon Brando of our Industry. Pratap Pothen says that now a days this actor can’t do much because he is old and he can only mimic he somehow manages to get a Padmashree award and Pothen says that too he got using money.

Pothen says that it is great considering an uncultured guy without doing shit can get honour like Padmashree makes him laugh and later this actor who is an idiot as well and who hasn’t read one book in his life thinks that he is a super star. Pothen says that Mollywood has only two Super stars and they are Mohanlal and Mammootty and no one else.
But Pothen said the serious allegations next as he said that this actor is a racist too who talks bad about the colour of people in tamilnadu where he lives.

Pratap Pothen alleges that this actor calls the women of the great state of Tamilnadu as black and like Buffaloes and Pothen says that he needs to be kicked out from that state where he lives and talking bad about the people there. Pratap pothen ends his status by saying to that actor to grow up and learn to respect fellow beings and don’t be a moron anymore.

And there are serious speculations going around that Pratap had intended actor Jayaram in this status as his description about the beginning of the actor’s career seems to the same with Jayaram’s case.

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