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It’s not Oppa Gangnam style, its Onam in Premam style

Nivin Pauly with son Daveed Pauly-Premam style dressing

Today two pictures come out in social media in which actor Nivin Pauly and his little son Daveed Pauly has posed in Premam style wearing black shirt and white Dhoti. The Photos went viral in social media platforms and now everybody is sharing and celebrating that pictures. Perhaps this also shows how much the film has influenced the younger generation of Kerala. It is one of the Mollywood films which got great acceptance not just in the box office but also among the people.

In colleges and schools boys came to celebrate their Onam programmes wearing black shirt and white dhoti. In some places, even girls came in that style which became a news as well. Some colleges banned black shirt and white dhotis as well. Many textile shops has just started a section for Premam dresses alone and still black shirt and white Dhoti becomes out of stock very soon due to the huge demand.

Malayalees has always accepted different movie styles. The star who made maximum trend in Kerala with his different film style is none other than the Universal Star Mohanlal himself. He had made the look of his film Spadikam trending in the beginning of 1990’s in Kerala. The Rayban Glass, Red shirt and also the shirt and boxer combination he shown in that film had become a great trend among Malayali youngsters. Then he again became the master of Kerala trend with his Thamburan looks with traditional Kerala Dhoti in film like Aaram Thamburaan.

Then he came up with his Narasimham style which was really a storm like trend in Kerala with everyone dressed up like Poovally Indhuchoodan which was his character in Narasimham. One of his get ups in his latest hit Loham has also became viral as well which is Sandal colour shirt and Black dhoti. Mammootty has also made his own contribution when it comes to the dress trends through his films like Kottayam Kunjachan and Rajamanikyam.

The Super hit film Aniyathipravu starring Shalini and Kunchacko Boban also created trends with the dress and also with some bangles too. Mohanlal also popularized some special type of men’s bangles with films like Narasimham, Aaram Thamburan and Peruchazhi etc. His white and white look in the film Usthad also gained attention from the audience.

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