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Will legally fight against the fake photo spreading lunatics says Anupama

Will legally fight against the fake photo spreading lunatics says Anupama Parameswaran

Yet another Mollywood actress has become the victim of some lunatics who is spreading fake and vulgar photos in the name of popular actresses. Now it is Premam fame actress Anupama Parameswaran who is on the victim list. For the past few days a photo said to be of Anupama Parameswaran is spreading through Facebook and Whatsapp. Many online pages also intentionally or unintentionally posted those photos and has become the catalyst of spreading the photos. But Anupama told to Onlookers Media that it is a morphed photo and that her face was morphed to the body of some other lady who may be a look alike.

She said that she will fight legally against all the people who is behind this and has taken the issue very seriously as well. This is not the first time she has suffered from this. Earlier also there were some photos spread which was said to be of Anupama’s. But it was later found out that they were all fake. We don’t really know whether she is being targeted or not or if someone is behind this plan to bring down her popularity.

She also appealed to the people not to spread those photos if it reaches them and to help her find those who did it. Recently, actress Asha Sarath went legally against this type of attack on her and she held strong in her stand. Asha Sarath at last succeeded in finding out the culprits with the help of Police and she had got them arrested as well. It was really an inspiration for many actresses who suffered like this and it is clear that Anupama is also going that way.

Anupama is one of the popular young actresses in Mollywood now with the great success of her debut film Premam and since then she has been in the limelight of Mollywood. Her popularity has also increased quite a lot and this issue seems to have been made to target her and bring down the clean image Anupama has among the people of Kerala.

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