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Kamal Haasan wishes to see Vijay act in non-commercial films also

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Kamal Haasan wishes to see Vijay act in non-commercial films also

Kamal Haasan is widely regarded as the ‘Sakalakala Vallavan’ of cinema. He is an actor, director, producer, screenwriter, lyricist and choreographer. His knowledge in filmmaking is second to none and has always been known for his hunger to try out fresh and unexplored stuff. And as we all know, he is quite outspoken about his views on filmmaking.

Recently, when asked what his favorite Vijay film is, Haasan politely advised Vijay on what type of films to act in. He is quoted saying,

“I have seen many Vijay movies. I like Rajinikanth’s Mullum Malarum, I am not sure if Rajini fans would like that film, but that is my favourite Rajini film. I want Vijay to act in movies like Mullum Malarum. I have watched several Vijay films and there is no doubt he has been successful, but I feel he should also act in such movies. It is my small selfish wish that I have as a cinema fan. I wish to see every successful actor work in a good film. We see Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan doing that, so I also want Vijay to do the same. I did commercial films like Sakalakala Vallavan, and in the same year, I had Moondram Pirai’s release. So I think even Vijay could do that. I know him personally, and he is capable of doing that.”

Kamal Haasan’s advise is very relevant as most of Vijay’s films in the past decade or so has followed a similar commercial pattern. Although, he has been highly successful doing such films we wish to see the actor doing a variety of roles.

Vijay is currently awaiting the release of Mersal, in which he is playing a triple role. This is his first such attempt in his two decade long career and fans are more than excited to see his performance. This Atlee directorial is scheduled to hit screens on Diwali day, October 18. After Mersal’s release, Vijay will be teaming up with ace filmmaker AR Murugadoss once again. The director had recently assured that he will be showing an unseen side of Vijay in his next film. Exciting times ahead for the fans!

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