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Lalisom fund is now for sports scholarship

Mohanlal's Lalisom fund is now for sports scholarship-Onlookers Media

Lalisom controversy was one of the biggest controversies happened in Kerala this year and the controversy had got great reach only because it had one name in it who unarguably is the most popular Malayali of this century. Its Mohanlal, the god of acting for Malayalees. The controversy had happened in and around national games held in Kerala this year. In the inaugural function of the national games Mohanlal had performed a musical live show at the venue with his own band named Lalism –the Lal effect. It was the first ever performance of the band and unfortunately it terribly went wrong much to the bad luck of Mohanlal and everybody went all out against him with their criticismz.

Mohanal did not demand any remuneration for performing there and he performed there for free of cost. But government had given him an amount close to 2 crores for the cost of organizing the program and also for giving remuneration for the singers coming from other states to perform at the function with the band. But when criticisms pour in everybody just blamed Mohanlal alone for what happened there.

But Mohanlal had rised above all won the hearts of even the critics of him by giving back all that money from his own pocket to the government saying that the criticisms really made him sad as he did all that with utmost sincerity and honesty. The lack of time to prepare for the function as he had requested by the government to organize the program at the very last minute made it went worse and he tried his best to save it from ruining. But still he had to suffer all the criticism.

Government was not ready to accept that money back from Mohanlal as first because they believed with assurance that it was not at all Mohanlal’s fault and he not at all accepted any money as his remuneration for the program. But Mohanlal stayed strong in his decision and at last government had to accept it.

Now reports says that the money given by Mohanlal will be used for a sports scholarship as suggested by Mohanlal himself and Government is also ready to do it after a meeting regarding this matter. Many people had trolled Mohanlal for this controversy and now he proving to them all that he is a man of utmost sincerity and dignity and will rise above all with his great attitude and broad mind.

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