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First arrest in Premam piracy issue

First arrest in Premam piracy issue-Nivin Pauly-Sai Pallavi-Anupama-Onlookers Media

After so much cry about police not taking any action against the Premam piracy issue an arrest was made by police at last. But the irony is that it was not Kerala police and not from Kerala as well. It was in Australia and the arrest was made by the anti- piracy cell there. The arrested person is but a Malayali from Pala, Kottayam, who is working as an engineer at Melbourne Australia. The arrested person downloaded Premam from the internet and got arrested by the anti-piracy cell there by the instruction from here. According to the anti-piracy laws in Australia the arrested person has to pay a fine of 20000 dollars for his crime.

But the disappointing thing is that still no arrest was made in Kerala as here the print is spreading more and more. Police and anti-piracy cell of Kerala still a failure in finding out from where this print comes out which bears the water mark of a censor copy. Coming out of a censor copy is most serious in the case of piracy and still there is no action taken or still no findings regarding the issue.

Arresting the people who downloads it does not solve the matter at all as the one who uploaded it without anyone’s knowledge and reach is the most dangerous one as he can do the same to anybody and to any film. Arresting of one person does not help the cause because the print is spreading from hand to hand through DVD or Pen drives and also through bluetooth devices. Tracking each and every one who see the film is close to impossible. But tracking the ones who is uploading it to many websites can be traceable and following that link can be a method to track down the root of the issue.

Our law enforcement bodies have to be more active in this case as piracy is almost killing an entire industry and it is just destroying all the efforts made by a group of people for a creative output. It affects their career and lives as well. The piracy has very much affected the collections of Premam and it is going down day by day as well.

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