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Late Jayan was supposed to play Moideen’s role 36 years back !

Jayan Ennu Ninte Moideen-Prithviraj-BP Moideen

RS Vimal directorial film Ennu Ninte Moideen is running successfully in Kerala conquering the hearts of each and every Malayali and they had already given a classic status to the film. Prithviraj as Moideen and Parvathy Menon as Kanchanamala has got fabulous appreciation for their great performance in the film and people are on the opinion that they lived as the characters. But we have got a special information that Moideen’s life story was all set to make as a film almost 36 years ago and Moideen’s character was set to play by the late actor Jayan.

But that dream of making it into a film ended as Jayan died at that time. Jayan and BP Moideen were great friends and their relation started with the film named Abhinayam starred by Jayan and directed by one named Baby. That film was financed by BP Moideen and on the set of the film Jayan and Moideen became great friends. They both shared their life stories and their life struggles with each other and after hearing the love story of Moideen, Jayan showed interest to make it as a film.

Jayan said to Moideen that he want to play the character of Moideen in reel life and Moideen happily agreed to that. Moideen also said that he will finance that film as well. But fate was cruel. After one month later, Jayan died in an accident while shooting for a film named Kolilakkam. After a short gap Moideen also died at Mukkam in that boat accident as well. That film remained a dream that is unfulfilled as both who dreamt about that died within a short gap of time.

After 36 years, it has come to us in silver screen as a film. It would have been great that if this had been mentioned in the new film Ennu Ninte Moideen. You all can check the truth of this by checking the title card of the film Abhinayam and also the book written about Jayan by T K Krishna Kumar named ‘Jayan Abhrapaalikalile Ithihasa Nayakan’.

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