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Prithviraj’s support for Shahrukh Khan

Prithvirj’s support for Shahrukh Khan

The hot topic which is being discussed and debated in last few days in our country was the issue involving Bollywood super star Shahrukh khan. The issue was started when Shahrukh Khan said in a discussion that intolerance in rising in our country and his remarks indirectly targeted at the government policies as well. There has been lots of issue happening currently between prominent literary figures and government and many of them had given back their civilian honors and certificates of Merit given by the Government.

Shahrukh Khan said that he respect those who had done this and if the time comes he will also do the same. But now it’s not that bad and he not want to do it now. But his words was taken by Bharathiya Janata Party leaders and Vishwa Hindu Parishat leaders in bad spirit and the attacked him verbally by calling him a Pakistan agent. VHP leader Sadhwi Prachi is the one who said that comment. Some others said that Shahrukh’s heart is with Pakistan. Another one said that he will be begging on streets if Hindus stops seeing his films and some asked him to go to Pakistan as well. Many people had come supporting Shahrukh Khan in this issue and from Kerala Political leader Pinarayi Vijayan also came supporting Shahrukh Khan. From Mollywood it was Prithviraj who came forward with his opinion in this issue.

Prithviraj said that it will be a blunder to say to an artist to leave the country. He said that one who have a little culture cannot say like this to any artists. He also said that only cultureless people can talk like this and sensible ones will not agree to these type of comments made on Shahrukh Khan who is an artist. Prithviraj said this opinion by supporting Shahrukh Khan in a press conference in Kuwait which has been organized to announce his upcoming film with Blessy.

Blessy is making Aadu Jeevitham with Prithvi in the lead. Prithviraj said that the character Najeeb in Aadu Jeevitham will be one of the best in his career after Moideen.

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