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Major Ravi supports Mohanlal

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Major Ravi supports Mohanlal

Much has been talked about Mohanlal’s controversial blog about the demonetisation move launched by the central government. The blog was largely discussed in social media pages over the week with many people opposing the actor’s views. Now director Major Ravi has come out in support of Mohanlal.

Major Ravi has asked, why is there so much of an issue created over an individual’s personal opinion. He also added he doe not understand why people including politicians, film personalities are criticising Mohanlal for expressing his opinions.

Mohanlal conveyed his opinions and there is no need for politicising this issue. Trolls and comments have gone to the extent of even talking about his parents. This shows the lack of culture and decency the people are showing nowadays.

The director said that, he heard the audio of Mohanlal’s blog and he did not feel anything political about that. Mohanlal has only supported the individual Narendra Modi and not the party BJP. Mohanlal also shares the same relationship with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. So peoples should stop stop politicising his blog.

Mohanlal has been receiving a lot of flak for some of the controversial remarks in the blog. The actor had compared people standing in queues for buying liquor and in religious centres to those who are sweating it out at the long queues for withdrawing their money from banks and ATMs.

Politicians like VD Satheesan, Swaraj, MM Mani and Pinarayi Vijayan had criticised Mohanlal for his stand in the issue without understanding the hardships faced by the common men of the country.

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