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Malgudi Days : The result of the courage shown by 3 brothers !

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On last friday Mollywood is blessed with a film named Malgudi Days. For many of them the thing that attracted them to the movie was the presence of Anoop Menon and secondly the title that brought nostalgic memory in them. But after watching the movie, there is no doubt that 3 names will make a space in their heart and it’s the names of the first director trio in Indian Cinema, Vivek, Vishak and Vinod. Their craft will make you remember their name and from now on whenever a film comes directed by this trio, the expectation level will be based on their names for sure.

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Malgudi Days which touted as an emotional thriller, is also a socially relevant movie as well. The film that gives a great message to parents and children is one of the best films we saw in mollywood recently. Audience also accepted the film with great appreciation showering on it. Its not just the common audience who are impressed by the film and the craft behind it. But also many acclaimed film makers like Anwar Rasheed, Siddique, Kamal, Madhav Ramadasan etc. They had spoke about the film in positive words after watching it and everybody said one thing in common, as the film has a perfect mix of class and entertainment. That itself shows the skill of the three brothers Vivek, Vishak and Vinod, who gave their soul in to it.

It is only because of the courage shown by them that this film had happened. They trusted their vision, believed in what they had in their hand and worked hard till everything fall in to the right place. We do not forgetting Anoop Menon who supported them throughout and his performance as Zephan is one of the major highlights of this film along with Anil Nair’s camera work.

Now, the flick is going great with critical and commercial success and hope that more and more appreciation will come in the near future. The three men army, Vivek, Vishak and Vinod deserves every bit of it as it’s the result of their courage.

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