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Mammootty accepts Prime Minister’s invitation to be part of Swachhata mission.

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Mammootty accepts Prime Minister’s invitation to be part of Swachhata mission.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been vigorously campaigning for the Swachhata hi Seva mission which emphasizes on the importance of cleanliness among the citizens. The PM has invited movie stars to be part of the mission to reach out more people.

After Rajinikanth and Mohanlal, Megastar Mammootty has also lent his support to the government’s initiative. In a Facebook post addressed to the prime minister, Mammootty has written,

Dear Prime Minister Modiji,

At the outset, while accepting your invitation to take part in the ‘Swachhata Hi Seva ‘ movement, let me congratulate you on your emphasis on cleanliness, which the Mahatma said, is godliness.

I take it as an honour to receive this personal invitation from you. For my part, I have always believed that cleanliness has to start from within, like self-discipline, and not something that needs to be imposed. Yet, we have to frame rules to make our country cleaner because awareness campaigns have not always been consistent. I support your efforts in that direction, and towards making Gandhiji’s dreams come true.

We all know that personal hygiene has to be given top priority, and once an individual learns to respect his own body he will be inspired to spread the word of cleanliness to those around him. I am of the view that commitment to planet earth and our country has to begin with the first step of ensuring that we keep our homes clean first, and then we set out to keep our promise to our brethren and the whole of our country and world. That is the soul of our civilization, which is codified in the phrase, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

I express my thanks for this invite once again.

Mammootty has always been a socially committed actor who has often voiced his opinions in the socio-political issues of the society. His participation in the cleanliness mission is clearly a booster that will take the message to more Keralites.

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