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Mammootty came forward with the plan to fight draught

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Mammootty came forward with the plan to fight draught

Mega Star Mammootty is always known for his active participation in the matters regarding the well-being of our society and specially for the people of Kerala. Now, the summer is taking its toll on people and draught had hit hard at many parts of this land. Everyone is trying their own ways and methods to fight this situation and Mammootty had come up with his own plan to fight this situation in Kerala.

The name of this plan is “Own Your Water”. The aims of this plan is to make shades at Signal Junctions (which is known as the Nagpur Model) and also to plant water kiosks at public places to make water available for the public at any time.

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The decision was taken at a meeting in which many eminent people from different fields like Cinema, Politics, Cultural field etc came to participate. The district collector of Ernakulam district, MG Rajamanickyam had offered all his support for this plan put forward by Mammootty and others.

They also want people to come forward to implement this plan on their own and they had also set up a contact number of 9207000800 for contacting the team for any help related to the water scarcity and other drought related problems.

Photo Credits : Haseeb Haneef

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