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Mammootty is not rascal but a pakka gentleman, says Balachandra Menon

Mammootty is not rascal but a pakka gentleman, says Balachandra Menon-Onlookers Media

Balachandra Menon, this name is very popular among the malayali film viewers as he is one among those artists who almost done everything related to film making starting from acting to direction, scripting to singing and almost everything. He just not only done those things but also done those things successfully and that is why many critics call him the perfect all-rounder of Mollywood cinema. The film which Balachandra Menon gave us as an actor, writer and director is always special to malayalees as those films are always about a common malayali, his life, his hopes, his dreams and most importantly his family. The dialogues in Balachandra Menon films were the highlights of those films which have a great fan following even now.

After a period of staying back from the industry due to some health issues this master film maker had come back to his passion called cinema recently. He is quite active in his social media circles as well and last day he posted in his Facebook profile about an incident which happened during an award ceremony which was given by Mangalam. Balachandra Menon was awarded with life time achievement award in that function. Mammootty and Manju Warrier were chosen for the best actor and best actress award.

Balachandra Menon says that during that award ceremony the anchor on the stage while calling Mammootty on stage to receive the best actor award uttered that Mammootty is the sweet rascal of Mollywood. Menon says that it may be intended to connect that occasion with Mammootty’s latest release named Bhaskar The Rascal which is running now in screens all over Kerala. But that kind of usage is inappropriate in sucha function and Mammootty is a national award winning actor and a Padma award winner as well.

Balachandra Menon in his speech during that function said that Mammootty is not the sweet rascal but a ‘Pakka Gentleman’ in all respect as he knows him for years. That remark by Menon made the people gathered there go over bound with joy as Mammootty just laughed while hearing it. Menon just told that incident to tell that it is high time that our show anchors have to stop behaving like this way without understanding on where he stands and on what purpose he is there for.

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