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Mammootty’s Jackie Chan style fight in The Great Father

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Mammootty’s Jackie Chan style fight in The Great Father

Megastar Mammootty’s next release, The Great Father is a much expected movie. Directed by debutant Haneef Adeni, the movie is a revenge drama.

The Great Father has a big star cast with actors like Arya, Shaam, Sneha, Manikandan Achari, Mia George, Malavika Mohanan, Baby Anikha and many other actors playing major roles.

Recently, Arya who is also one of the producers of the movie shared his experience working with Mammootty and how he was amazed by the superstar’s fitness levels.

Arya said he was stunned by the 65 year old star’s stunts and dedication. He did not use any body double and did all the rope stunts by himself, which even younger actors are not very fond of.

He described about a particular stunt scene that would feature in the climax of the movie.

“We were shooting in Vagamon for the climax. I saw him practising hard for a particular stunt. He refused using a dupe and practiced it hard till he perfected it.

It was like one of Jackie Chan’s stunts. His hands were tied behind his back. He had to jump high and at the same moment he had to get his tied hands to the front. I was baffled while watching him doing the stunt to perfection.”

At the age of 65 and being a reigning superstar for the past two decades, Mammootty could have easily avoided doing the stunt and used a body double. But he did not opt for that. This shows the kind of dedication and commitment he shows for the art.

Arya plays the character Andrews Eapen in the movie. It is reported that he id playing the role of a cop. Kollywood actor Shaam is also playing a police officer in the movie.

The Great Father produced by August Cinemas is scheduled to release on January 27.

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