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Mammootty’s kind act towards Nepal earthquake victims

Mammootty’s kind act towards Nepal earthquake victims-New malayalam movie-Onlookers Media

Mega star Mammootty is not only famous for his acting skills but also popular for the charity works he is been doing through his fans associations and also in association with many other organizations and hospitals. And many of his charity works is associated with the medical field just like financially helping poor people to buy medicines, get their surgeries done etc. Mammootty is also closely associated with charity programs like eye Donation and heart surgery for poor etc and he is been associated with various famous hospitals regarding this. He is also active in all other kinds of social works as well and his My tree challenge” has really become a super success and it went beyond boundaries as well and he can really proud of himself for pioneering such a great mission.

And the latest in the list of charity activities of Mammootty is all about giving his help to the victims of Earthquake in Nepal who lost their everything because of those dreadful earthquakes not so long back. It was really shook the whole world and helps are still coming to Nepal from all corners of the world. Mammootty had been handed over the life saving medicines which he had accumulated with the help of Pathanjali hospital of which he is the brand ambassador. The actor handed over the medicines for the Nepal Earthquake victims to the leader of a social activity group and her name is Khusboo Pradhan.

The people of Nepal are really suffering from epidemics which has spreading throughout the country just after the destruction happened due to the Earthquake. And this act initiated by Mammootty and Pathanjali Hospital will be of a great help to the people of Nepal along with the help of various kind hearted persons which they are receiving from all around the world.

Our Malayalam super stars were not only heroes on screen but also in real life too. Both Mammootty and Mohanlal had been doing many charity works and social welfare programs and many of them are still on the pipeline. They are just setting a model for all to follow and we can proudly say that our stars good human beings too.

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