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Mammootty’s Louis Pothen, a multifaceted character

Mammootty’s Louis Pothen, a multifaceted character

AK Sajan written and directorial family thriller with Mega star Mammootty in the lead has started its filming in Kochi from August last week. The story behind the situation that lead to the starting of this movie in a short time is well known to everyone through various media pages and we had told it to you through our earlier reports about the film. We also told you that something very special will be coming before you through this film as well. The screenplay by AK Sajan has impressed Mammootty so much that he pushed back all his other assignments for this one and started working in it in no time. He wants to film it as soon as possible and present it before the audience. The sources from the industry says that it will be one of the all time blockbusters as the screenplay is such a brilliant one from A K Sajan.

Now the latest reports are coming in about the film and character of Mammootty. Director A K Sajan told that the flick will have a lot of humour in it and the character of Mammootty who is an advocate in the film also travels through a lot of humorous situations. But at the same time the film offers a great demand of thrill by telling a serious subject as well.

The character played by Mammootty named Advocate Louis Pothen will be a multifaceted character. He is mainly practicing as a lawyer in the family court and has special skills in compromise talks among the clients who come to him with family issues and make them happily united again. He is also a prominent figure in many fields and has strong reputation in political, cultural fields etc. He is highly intelligent, humorous and also a great organizer and expert in delivering speech as well.

The film also tells the problems in families as well as some very important areas in our social life as well. Nayanthara is playing the wife of Mammootty’s character Louis Pothen. There were reports earlier that it will have a great suspense element like Mohanlal-Jeethu Team’s film Drishyam and we have to wait and see whether this Mammootty-AK Sajan film will beat Drishyam which is the numero uno in Mollywood history now.

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