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Mohanlal changed me by refining all my bad habits says Vineeth

Mohanlal changed me by refining all my bad habits says Vineeth

Super star Mohanlal is not only the super star of reel life but he is the super star for many in real life as well. Recently we heard one episode of his golden heart regarding the meeting of him with a child who is injured while came to see him in the set of his upcoming film Puli Murugan. Now another word of praise for him from popular actor and dancer Vineeth. Vineeth said that Mohanlal is the man who made him refined by correcting all his mistakes he had done in life and also refining his bad habits. He said that this noble hearted man named Mohanlal had really changed him to a better person and better artist as well.

He called Mohanlal the guideline of his life and source of light in the path of his life. He said that when he was working with Mohanlal in the film named Nammukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal directed by Padma Rajan Mohanlal gave him some advice which really change his career and attitude to the work he is doing. Mohanlal told him that we have to be committed to our work 100% and for us work has to come first above all. Mohanlal said that we have to put in our soul and all effort to our work and that will bring to us all we needs and desires. Vineeth said that is what happened later in his career as well.

Vineeth said that it was Mohanlal who taught him the lesson to care for all without thinking what is our status or their status. It was from Mohanlal he got the habit of cleaning the plates from which he had food and he never see any other artist do it like that as they all left their plates to be cleaned by the staffs. Vineeth says that in acting too Mohanlal is his role model as whenever complex scenes comes to him for performing he imagines how Mohanlal is going to take it and perform and then do it according to his own style. For Vineeth Mohanlal as an actor in incomparable.

Vineeth said that Mohanlal is the perfect role model who can be followed by all young actors in our industry. He said so in a recent interview given to a cinema magazine.

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