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Mohanlal fans’s attack on Joy Mathew’s FB post due to misunderstanding

Mohanlal fans’s attack on Joy Mathew’s FB post due to misunderstanding

Actor Joy Mathew who is very popular in Kerala as a character actor is also popular for his quick witty remarks and opinions about anything he come across. But sometimes it landed him in trouble as well and made people think of him as a person with great pride about himself. Such a thing happened today as well when a misunderstanding really caused an online attack of Mohanlal fans on him or rather on the post he put on his Facebook profile. Joy Mathew posted a photo of his on his profile with a caption ‘An Incomplete Artist’ and that really paved the way for a great misunderstanding among the people and specially among the fans of Mohanlal.

Mohanlal fans’s attack on Joy Mathew’s FB post due to misunderstanding

Joy Mathew’s Facebook Post

Mohanlal has been called the ‘The Complete Actor’ in Indian film industry. His that title has been used by media as well as many celebrities when it comes to describe him as he is considered as the most complete and perfect in terms of acting in Indian film history. Mohanlals website also named as The Complete Actor. Once Mohanlal himself said why he put that name for his website. He said that no one is perfect in this world but everyone wants to be perfect. In the case of any artist he or she always tries to attain that perfection in the art form he or she performing.

He is also like that and through each characters e plays he seeks that perfection in acting. But never reaches there as the bar of standard of perfection raises each time itself to another level when we reach at some point close to perfection in some people’s eyes. He calls this journey of his as a search for perfection. So when one of his well -wisher suggested this name for is website he happily agreed it as it will serve as a symbol of his quest for perfection.

But some haters of him try to use it to insult him saying that he himself calls him the complete actor when the fact is it was not he himself but his admirers calls him so. On this light when Joy Mathew posted the above mentioned caption with his own picture the admirers of followers misunderstood that Joy Mathew indirectly insulted Mohanlal on a sarcastic level. They had unleashed an attack on him through their comments of protest and it was rising with each moment as well. Anyway Joy Mathew seems to be in trouble over a misunderstood photo caption.

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