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Mohanlal is Nithya Menon’s favorite too

Nithya Menon about Mohanlal-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

We know the fact that Mohanlal is the most liked star in Mollywood and his number of followers is just unimaginable in Kerala. The impact and influence he has on the audience is just incredible to say the least and it will not an exaggeration to say that Malayalees don’t have day in their life in which they see his face or films or dialogues or something associated with him.They just adopted him as their brother and even people elder than him call him “Lalettan”. He is the most favorite son of every mothers in our state and for his fans he is their best friend and most lovable brother. No other star in Kerala who so humble and simple like and his humility makes him the greatest of all as people says.

Mohanlal has many fans and admirers in all section of the society and in film field too he is the most followed and admired actor after Kamal Hasaan. Many top actors, actresses and technicians are the ardent fans of Mohanlal and it is all of theirs dream to a part of his film or to work with this dream person who carries an aura of positive energy with him and one who make people to fell in a sort of love with him.

Now the ever expanding list of Mohanlal’s followers expanded by an addition and this time it was our talk of the town our new favorite actress and heartthrobe of youngsters Nithya Menon. In a recent Interview with a Tamil media Nithya Menon said that Mohanlal her most favorite actor and she told as an answer to the question of who is her favorite actor by the interviewer.

Nithya Menon is now going great guns in south Indian film industry as she is giving great successful films and performances in every south Indian languages and the latest being OK kanmami and for her performance in this film she is getting tremendous amount of appreciation from people like Mani Ratnam, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Suriya etc. Common audience also giving her great feedback some people compares her with Jyothika in kollywood. She is been now considered as one of the most beautiful and talented actress in south Indian film industry and the lucky stars are smiling at Nithya now.

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