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Mohanlal will be the hero in my next film as well says Suresh Babu

Mohanlal will be the hero in my next film as well says Suresh Babu

On this October 22nd, Mohanlal starrer film Kanal has been released in Kerala and getting positive reviews from critics and mixed response from masses as well. The film is a revenge thriller, getting attention for its different level and way of narration and presenting the theme. Even though the main theme of revenge is a clichéd one the way they presented in attracting the audience and the performance of Mohanlal is the highlight of the film. Mohanlal had given a sterling performance as John David, the central character of this film and once again showed that in acting he is the finest here and the ease with which he portrayed the character makes us speechless.

Another one who contributed to the success of the film is Anoop Menon who had played one of his career best roles of his in this film and given a terrific performance as well. Atul Kulkarni who played the villain also gave brilliant performance and this M Padmakumar directorial flick is delivering Mohanlal the third success of this year as a star and appreciation as well as an actor. The writer of this film is Suresh babu and he says that Mohanlal will be the hero of his next venture as well.

Suresh Babu said that after starting his career in Mammootty starrer film Dada Sahib, he is very much happy with his film career which reached Kanal. He said that he had the theme of Kanal in mind when he was doing the film Shikkar with Mohanlal and Shikkar was a mega success from this team of Mohanlal-Padmakumar-Suresh Babu. Suresh Babu says that Mohanlal is really wonder as an actor and he always astonishes him with his par excellent acting level. Suresh babu’s next project is said to be named as Talkies and Mohanlal will play the lead character in that film as well.

Earlier there is news that Shajoon Karyal who delivered success like Vadakkum Nadhan with Mohanlal will direct this upcoming film. But it is not a confirmed news as of now as the name of the one who will direct that film will come in the future.

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