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Mohanlal’s ‘Neru’ Makes a Staggering Debut with Impressive Global Box Office Collection

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Mohanlal’s ‘Neru’ Makes a Staggering Debut with Impressive Global Box Office Collection

The collaboration between Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph in the movie ‘Neru,’ which premiered on December 21, has garnered an exceptional response worldwide. The film has been lauded by critics and cinephiles alike, particularly for the outstanding performances by Mohanlal and Anaswara Rajan.

This emotionally charged Court Room Drama resonates profoundly with audiences, captivating them from the very outset. The intense courtroom sequences add an irresistible allure to the movie, culminating in a climax that leaves audiences with goosebumps.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers has catapulted ‘Neru’ to a remarkable start at the Box Office. On its debut, the film boasted over 140 additional night shows across Kerala alone. Its resonance extends beyond, garnering tremendous acclaim in the UK and Gulf markets.

Initial estimates by trade analysts indicate that ‘Neru’ grossed over 3 crores in Kerala on its opening day, marking it as the second-highest Mollywood opener in 2023, following Dulquer Salmaan’s Pan Indian movie, ‘King of Kotha.’ Remarkably, with ‘Neru,’ Mohanlal stands as the sole actor with 8 films grossing over 3 crores on their opening day in Kerala.

The film’s global opening day gross surpasses 6 crores, with exact figures to be updated shortly. Fueled by exceptional word-of-mouth, ‘Neru’ is poised to dominate the box office in the days to come.

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