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Musical Odyssey Begins: ‘Thee Manalil’ Lyric Video Offers a Glimpse into Desert Survival in ‘Raastha’

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In a significant unveiling on December 21, 2023, the lyric video for the song “Thee Manalil” provides a captivating preview of the highly anticipated Malayalam feature film, “Raastha.” Imbued with the theme of survival in the harsh expanse of a desolate desert, the song, composed by Avin Mohan Sithara, features poignant lyrics by Anwar Ali and vocals by the talented Sooraj Santhosh.

Directed by Aneesh Anwar and produced by Alu Entertainments, “Raastha” is scheduled for theatrical release on January 5, 2024, promising audiences a gripping cinematic experience within the realm of a survival thriller.

Avin Mohan Sithara’s musical craftsmanship in “Thee Manalil” orchestrates a melodic journey that complements the emotional depth of the narrative. Sooraj Santhosh’s expressive rendition, coupled with Anwar Ali’s evocative lyrics, captures the essence of the characters navigating the challenges of the barren desert.

Behind the scenes, “Raastha” boasts a stellar creative team, with Shahul and Fayiz Madakkara shaping the story, screenplay, and dialogues. Vishnu Narayanan’s cinematography skillfully captures the vast and intricate desert landscape, while Afthar Anwar takes charge of the editing department to ensure a seamless visual narrative.

The musical ensemble of “Raastha” extends beyond “Thee Manalil,” featuring contributions from Vineeth Sreenivasan, Alphons Joseph, and Mridula Varier. Under the musical direction of Avin Mohan Sithara, the soundtrack promises to enhance the overall cinematic experience.

As the countdown begins for the theatrical release of “Raastha,” audiences are invited to embark on a cinematic journey exploring survival, resilience, and musical artistry. “Thee Manalil” sets the stage for a narrative that transcends boundaries, offering a promising start to what is poised to be a noteworthy addition to Malayalam cinema in early 2024.

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