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Namitha Pramod’s Kodeeshwaran appearance creates controversy

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It is not unusual for a celebrity to get involved in a controversy. Namitha Pramod is the new entry to the list. Namitha Pramod finds herself in hot water after her appearance in the show Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran which is hosted by none that than Suresh Gopi. Namitha was the celebrity contestant of the show as a part of new year celebration.  She might not have had the faintest idea that this new year celebration could potentially land her in trouble.

She was asked to identify the movie, which consists of the characters RJ Sarah, Meenakshi, Krishnan P.P. and Divya. The answer to the question was the trendsetting movie Bangalore Days. Namitha looked uncertain and after thinking for a while, she replied Pattom Pole, which was one of the four options available.  However, since she was not sure about the answer, she refused to give it as the final answer. She did not want to put her luck to test as she was playing for the tribal community.

Therefore, she opted for the lifeline of audience poll.  Audience made no mistake and Bangalore Days received the highest number of votes. Namitha realized her mistake after viewing the results. Namitha knew that she has made a huge blunder and quickly came up with the clarification. She said that she has watched the movie but got confused after seeing the name Krishnan P.P. She defended herself by observing that Krishnan is always referred to as Kuttan in the movie, which is why she failed to recognize the film.

Though the show continued smoothly without any further reference to this slip up, some people were highly displeased with her for making such careless mistake. The started making snide remarks on her on the social media.  They even called the common person’s Alia Bhatt who has also gone through the same experience.

Namitha commented on these jibes and said that she likes Alia Bhatt. She also remarked that it is quite easy to criticize others but you will understand the situation only when you take part in these kinds of shows. She said that she was extremely tensed while participating in the show, which ultimately resulted in the mistake. She also noted that this incident is a testimony to the fact the celebrities are treated like any other ordinary contestants and that they are not provided with the answers prior to the show.

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