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Rajeev Rangan’s emotive Facebook post agains Salim Kumar

Rajeev Rangan’s emotive Facebook post agains Salim Kumar-Onlookers Media

Rajeev Rangan, who has made his presence felt both in small screen and the big screen has published an emotional post on Facebook page. He began by saying that he is writing this post to let his supporters and friends know the truth. He said that he has always worked for the betterment of the specially abled children and that he is now working in a movie which is based on this children. H

e revealed that the movie is named Ente Makan- the Kid which has a differently abled boy Eldo in the central character. He claimed that Eldo would be the first protagonist of his type in Indian Cinema. He then turned his attention to Salim Kumar and noted that Salim Kumar is directing a movie, which has the same theme. He said that Salim Kumar is doing the movie with the intention of bagging awards. He stated that he is happy to hear that Salim Kumar is turning a director, but was hurt by Salim Kumar’s harsh comments on Ente Makan.

Rajeev Rangan’s emotive Facebook post agains Salim Kumar-Onlookers Media

Rajeev Rangan’s Facebook post

Rajeev Rangan asserted that he is not making the movie for the sake of winning awards.  He also said that he has no problem with Salim Kumar winning awards and that his only request to Salim Kumar is to withdraw from making comments on his movie. He also divulged that the movie will hit the theaters soon.  He concluded by saying that he hopes to get all the support and prayers of his well-wishers. Salim Kumar had earlier made a public announcement that he is directing a movie, which is entrenched on the subject of specially abled kids.

The Kid Malayalam Movie-Rajeev Rangan

The Kid Movie Poster

He also claimed that he Guinness Books of Records have approached him since his movie is the first movie to be made solely on such children. The title of the movie is Compartment. This is one of the most endeavoring projects of Salim Kumar and he is absolutely thrilled to engineer the movie. Salim Kumar has thrown light on his movie and said that he has been working in the movie for the last one and a half year. He has also disclosed that the movie would be a light-hearted presentation of a genuine story.

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