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National medias supports Mohanlal in JNU issue !

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National medias supports Mohanlal in JNU issue !

The latest hot topic or may be the trending topic right now in India is the JNU issue and in Kerala it is now all about Mohanlal’s comment on the issue through his latest blog. Mohanlal not directly said about the issue but he indirectly thrashed all the people who is giving so much importance to these kinds of issues and forgetting the sacrifices made by our Military men who are coming as dead bodies from borders. He said that if India dies then what is the point of us living in it.

He expressed his strong view that nation should come first and all political and other issues only comes under that. We have to take pride in our Nation’s integrity and culture rather than glorifying someone who was punished for working against the country. But some political leaders and political activists here in Kerala had took the words of this legendary actor in wrong sense and they started abusing and insulting him by calling him a BJP supporter.

They had completely misunderstood what he said and don’t even care to read and understand what he said through his blog before criticizing him. But National Medias was come out with their all in all support for Mohanlal. Medias like CNN IBN, Times Now, The Hindu, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle etc come out praising Mohanlal for the courage he showed to express his opinion very clearly in this sensitive issue.

Many eminent people like Dr Subramaniam Swamy had shared Mohanlal’s words as well. People from all across the country is coming out praising Mohanlal and many Bollywood stars also coming out with their great support for Mohanlal’s words. Actor Sunil Shetty come out and said what Mohanlal said as Nation stands first. It is only in his home land Kerala that there is getting some criticisms and that too from people who has more inclination to left democratic front of Kerala.

But Mohanlal seems to have gained more and more support from all over than criticisms by a few. He is now become the center attraction in a national level as well with his honest and patriotic words.

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