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I never desired to make Malayalam cinema to revolve around me, says Mohanlal !

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I never desired to make Malayalam cinema to revolve around me, says Mohanlal !

Mohanlal, unarguably is the biggest crowd puller we have today in Mollywood is always known for his simple and humble nature as a person. He is also known for his inspirational words and philosophical outlook to life as well. He has been the biggest star and best actor we have ever seen in our industry and still he is at the top ruling Mollywood cinema.

But in a recent interview, a popular interviewer asked him a question that When he see the new faces who are making a lot of changes and who are getting lot of popularity , is he thinks that Mohanlal’s impact or influence here is slowly fading away.? Mohanlal’s reply to that question was really an epic one and social media is celebrating it now. Mohanlal said that he never desired to make Malayalam cinema revolve around him.

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He said that he never felt that he is fading away from here as he never thinks about his influence here. He said that Malayalam cinema is not based on a single person. It is a place where collective effort matters. Even if Mohanlal is not here, Malayalam cinema will continue forever. Mohanlal asks one day we will fade away as death comes to us and then why we are worrying so much about our fame or popularity here.

He says that now- a -days many talented actors, writers and technicians coming to Mollywood and new ideas are flowing in. Earlier it was not the case, as there is only a few writers and actors. Today there are many opportunities for new faces and it is a great period through which Malayalm Cinema is passing on. The big successes that is frequently gracing Mollywood is a sign of that.

Mohanlal said that his prayer is to work with those young and new faces as well. He also given an advise to youngsters that they will get many opportunities, but what that will matter is the consistency they keep. That is the one which will give them the long run in an industry like cinema.

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