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Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum, focusses on award system’s foul plays

Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum, focusses on award system’s foul plays

Balachandra Menon’s film named Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum had released and unfortunately getting bad response from all over. But that may be because of the failure in conveying the original aim of the film to the audience. While trying to make it a family entertainer along with its main theme it faltered somewhere. But in depth analysis there are some points which we have to mention about the film. It had really focused on the foul plays in the award declaring system of our state government. Maybe it was the case with the national level as well but film focusses primarily on our system in Kerala.

Balachandra Menon who himself won many awards and served many time as the jury member and main person in the award judging committee has great experience in these foul plays, corruption and politics happening in this area. This film satirically brings out how it happens or maybe we can say they tried to bring out that issue but could not convey the theme really well to the audience. But it is an aspect given by the film which has to be discussed here as it came from a man who has tons of experience in this field and was a part of this system for long.

For the past few years specially we are witnessing great controversies over the state award declarations and many decisions made by the jury in last few years were questioned by the public as well as eminent film personalities. Sometimes we wondered that how this decisions was made as it looks stupid to even the common man who has in fact no relation with this field other than being a regular viewer of the film produced in our industry. There is a lot of politics, lots of corruption and bribe and to say the least there is a lot of underplays going in this area and we are seeing only the final performance from the bunch of people who are a part of all these drama running behind the curtain.

Even though this film raised not up to the expectation of the audience but has really thrown some light on something which was hidden from us all these years. When it is done by a man of Balachandra Menon’s status we have to believe it as well.

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