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Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum Review

Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum Review-Rating-Report

Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum has arrived at theaters yesterday and it was the directorial effort from Balachandra Menon after 7 years and can be called a sort of comeback film for him. As usual he had done the lead role in this film as well and introduced a new heroine as well. Apart from Balachandra Menon many veteran artists like Shankar, Raveendran, Menaka Suresh had played key roles in this so called family entertainer film. The lead female roles has been done by Gayathri and Dakshina. The film does not even have much online promotion and not at all generated any expectation or curiosity among the audience. The only factor which connected this film with the audience is the name Balachandra Menon, who ‘once’ was a popular director or may be the perfect all-rounder in Malayalam cinema.

The 2 hour 40 minute film tells us the story about a man who loves cinema passionately and his effort to direct a film. In the beginning of the story a husband played by Balachandra Menon went missing from his family. He had a wife who is a bank employee and a daughter who is studying visual communication course at Bangalore city. The daughter also plans to make film. When the husband comes back he and wife do things to block daughter’s decision to direct a film. But later it reveals that the father who was went missing for 3 months also went to write a script for a film which he is going to direct soon and there start the story.

To say honestly the film was really a torture for the viewers as it had nothing in it to entertain. Whatever it has some undercooked social satire type scenes (they intended like that may be) specially related to cinema and all. The performances from actors was terrible as well except from that of Renji Panicker who as usual made his role looks convincing. Sometimes it felt like a TV serial is going on in the big screen and the script and direction by Menon was just pathetic to say the very least. Songs are also below average and one song was fairly good. Some scenes where intended to bring out the underplays in state award judging but that too was presented carelessly and without any conviction.

On the whole Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum is a mediocre effort from Balachandra Menon whose name was once the word of trust among family audience.

Director : Balachandra Menon
Release Date : 19/9/2015
Cast : Balachandra Menon, Renji Panicker, Dakshina

Review : Abhilash Kiran

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