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Life of Josutty Review

Life of Josutty Review-Rating-Report-Dileep-Jeethu Joseph

At last today one of the most awaited Mollywood films of this year had arrived before the viewers of Kerala. Yes, you guessed right. It is Life of Josutty conceived by Jeethu Joseph who gave us one of the classics of Malayalam cinema history named Drishyam in 2013 which is still the emperor of success in Mollywood history. So the expectation is high when Jeethu Joseph is coming with his next Malayalam film that too teaming up with the popular actor Dileep this time who is also known for his box office power even though recently that dipped a bit. There is another big factor associated with the film is that it is the first ever step of Eros International to Mollywood as they are the financers of this flick.

Life of Joutty as the title suggests tells as the life story of the central character named Josutty played by our popular star Dileep. Jeethu had already told to us that this film has no twist or suspense which his previous two films had and this one only have a life to show before you. The flick offers you the picture of how Josutty’s life goes from his childhood to his 30th year of life and what struggles he have to gone through while he makes his life stable. Josutty have to marry a girl who is a divorcee and go to newzeland for the welfare of his family and from then its a kind of autobiography of him.

The screenplay written by Rajesh Varma is really one of the major highlight of the film as he had really tried to give us something very different. It does not have usual Dileep gimmicks but it shows us the actor in Dileep. Undoubtedly this is one of the career best performance given by this actor and it may welcome some great recognitions on his way as well. Jeethu joseph has once again proved that he is a jack of all trades as he hold each and everyone of the viewer to the seats without the so called twists and turns. The fantasy element in the film is something very unique and Jeethu had handled it very well without going it out of his control.

Film has situational humour which really worked out well and the emotions underlying each situation is portrayed terrifically well. The only negative we can found is the lagging in the second half which is due to an overdose of emotional scenes at some points and also due to the length of the film. Anil Johnsons music was soothing to the ears and Ravi Chandran’s camera work was just stunning to say the very least. All actors including Rachana, Jyothi, Nobi, Suraj, Aqsa Bhatt, Sunil Sugatha, Saju navodaya, Chembil ashokan, Sasi Kalinga, Sudheer Karamana, Krishnan Prabha, Vijaya Kumari done their roles neatly and Hareesh Perady who plays the father role of Dileep was just outstanding and at many places he just outshined everyone.

As the title says this film is depiction of life. Jeethu Joseph this time came with a class entertainer. It may not satisfy those who expect a Drishyam again. But it will make you feel good if you want to see something different from Dileep.

Director : Jeethu Joseph
Release Date : 24/9/2015
Cast : Dileep, Jyothi Krishnan, Rachana, Hareesh Peradi

Review : Harikrishnan

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