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“One and a half year break for Bheeman” Mohanlal clarifies on the allegations put against him

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“One and a half year break for Bheeman” Mohanlal clarifies on the allegations put against him

Mohanlal is gearing up to play the mighty Bheeman for the costliest ever made movie in India. The Mahabharata, the epic Hindu movie penned by MT Vasudevan Nair will be visualised by popular ad filmmaker VA Shrikumar Menon. The movie shot in two parts will have a worldwide release in the year 2020. The shoot for the movie will commence by 2018 September. The second part of the movie would get released within 3 months of the first part. The movie made as a multilingual in English, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu will also be dubbed into all major Indian and foreign languages.

Mohanlal who has the habit of writing blogs on the socially relevant issues and personal matters had found time to interact with the audience through the same at this instant. Here is an extract from his blog:

Since childhood, I used to grow up hearing stories of the Mahabharata. Bheeman’s character had always stood apart from the rest. The war between Bheeman and Bakanan, Bheeman coming in a Bullock cart filled with rice, Bheeman’s might, when he holds on his Gadha… had always heard about Bheeman. He had always stood apart from the other characters in this Amar Chithra Kadha. Bheeman was not just for kids even grownups loved his physical attribute, a tummy which never gets filled up how much ever he eats. Vrikodharan was his other name. His life comprised of half praise and half insult

It was after MT’s Randamoozham the world had understood Bheeman’s mind other than his body. He had filled with sorrow, loneliness, desire, passion and weeping mentality. It was this one big lesson Randamoozham had taught me

While reading Randamoozham it had never struck in my mind dramatically. I read for the love of reading. But never thought MT sir would script this epic novel as two parts

It was MT sir who had suggested my name as Bheeman and I extend my deepest of gratitude for that. When I am all set to play Bheeman in this epic many thoughts haunt me, because Bheeman had followed me for a big part of my life. Before playing Bheeman for this epic movie I had played the character for MT sir once in 1985. An artist had sculpted a sculpture of me as Bheeman before the release of the book

When he had presented me the sculpture he wished me to play Bheeman if Randamoozham was made a film someday. In 1999 I had played Bheeman for Vanaprastham. I had also played Bheeman alongside Mukesh for the stage drama ‘Chayamukhi”. The coming 2 years are very important for me. MT’s Bheeman comprises of both soul and body and there needs a big preparation time. There are many war sequences in the movie and need to train under various masters for the same. I would maybe step off from the commitments that I’ve taken for the coming one or one and a half years. Only then I could perform an amazing act as Bheeman in the epic” he published.

There were many who felt Randamoozham would happen or not, I am a person who pray for all good things to happen. If it happens or not I would be happy to travel with such a dream. Travel impresses me more than the destination, and I am in such a travel along with Bheeman.” he ended.

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