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Onlookers Interview: In Conversation with Rajisha Vijayan

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Onlookers Interview: In Conversation with Rajisha Vijayan

‘Stand Up’ starring Nimisha Sajayan and Rajisha Vijayan in the leads is gearing up for release. It is directed by Vidhu Vincent, who is the only woman to win a Kerala State award for best filmmaker. So we caught up with Rajisha for a casual chat about the film and her expectations on it.

2019 has been a great year for you so far with both of your releases ‘June’ and ‘Finals’ doing well. Next in the line is ‘Stand Up’. All three films belong to different genres. How is your script selection process?

I look for what’s new regarding my character and the storyline. There should be something new for me to attempt. If my character is taken away, does that have any impact on the film? These are some of the thoughts that I carry while approaching a new script.

Vidhu Vincent is an award winning filmmaker whose debut film ‘Manhole’ was widely acclaimed. Did you feel any difference while working with her?

Firstly, ‘Stand Up’ is entirely different from ‘Manhole’. This is a proper commercial film made on a bigger canvas but Vidhu, at no point, had any apprehensions in managing such a big crew. As an artist, it was very comfortable working with her as she has a clear idea of what is required. She communicates properly and is also open-minded to incorporate some of our suggestions.

How was your experience working with Nimisha Sajayan?

It was great. Nimisha is extremely talented and is an already proven actress. Actually, we both have very few combination scenes in the film especially dialogues. But we both were comfortable working together and have given our best.

About your character in the film?

I play Diya, who is a regular college-going young girl. Diya is the girlfriend of Keerthy’s brother. Nimisha plays Keerthy and Venkitesh is paired with me. The story is centred around an incident that occurs in the life of six friends. I can’t reveal more about my character as it will end up as spoilers and hamper your film watching experience.

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