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Picket 43 Controversy- Chat with Major Ravi

Picket 43 Controversy- Chat with Major Ravi-Picket 43 directed by prithviraj-Onlookers Media

Picket 43 is directed by Prithviraj..?

Another interesting news or may we can call it a controversy is up on air from Mollywood. This time it is around Picket 43 as O G Sunil, the producer of the film Picket 43 said in an interview to RJ Mathukutti (Red FM) that Picket 43 is actually completed by Prithviraj and the DOP Jomon T john. He said that these both were the central pillers of the film and it was due to their effort that the film had received good word of mouth and response at box office.

The events are becoming so confusing and at the same time interesting to say the least. Because it was yesterday that first bomb fell as Liberty Basheer who is the president of the exhibitors federation of Kerala said that Picket 43 (and Fireman as well) is only an average grosser and not to be termed as a hit of this year. The film has got good mouth publicity but that is not materialized into collection.

After that another bomb fell when O G Sunil filed a complaint against Director Major Ravi accusing him to be the reason for the loss of cash Sunil had to suffer after producing the film Picket 43. O G Sunil in his complaint to Producers association said that Major Ravi had agreed to complete the film in 4 crore rupees before the shooting. But the films shooting and post-production got delayed many times and at last the film’s cost has raised to 4 crore and 70 lakhs except the amount needed for the marketing and publicity.

Later in an interview to RJ Mathukutty in Red FM famous program Red carpet O G Sunil said that Major Ravi did nothing in the film and it was Prithvi raj and jomon T john who had done all the hardworks to complete the film. Major ravi also reacted to this statement through the same program that it was really a funny at same time baseless argument from the part of a producer. He had directed 5 films and big hits like Keerthi Chakra and Kurukshetra with Star like Mohanlal in the lead. He does not need Prithviraj or Jomon T john to direct a film. He said that this argument of O G Sunil shows the dirty mind of person who can say whatever he wants without any logic.

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