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Premam director Alphonse Puthren got married

Premam director Alphonse Puthren got married

The Premam director has got his soulmate by accepting Aleena Mary Antony today as his lawfully wedded wife at St. Dominic Church at Aluva. Aleena, who is the daughter of producer Alwin Antony and Alphonse Puthren was blessed at their wedding occasion by many from the film industry. The wedding of Alphonse was a much celebrated news everywhere including the social media platforms. His engagement which was some days back was also celebrated by many of his fans and well wishers.

This amazing personality is a man of humble beginnings as he started out directing short films and only through his hard work has he become a well known and loved director of full length movies in the industry. He was associated with the Yuvvh music album where Vineeth Sreenivasan, Nivin Pauly and many others collaborated. This collaboration marked the beginning of a strong team capable of creating back to back blockbusters.They have together created and conceived many successful music videos, advertisements and films. The movie Neram which was shot in both Tamil and Malayalam at the same time also marked his hard work, dedication, passion and love for cinema. Through Neram, Alphonse rose up to be the directorial fascination of Malayalam cinema and proved it again with the movie Premam where another commercial hit was gifted by this newbie.

For Alphonse his marriage is such a special moment because not only is he going to spend the rest of his life with someone he loves but he is also getting to spend his life with someone who understands cinema and his career as Aleena is the daughter of producer Alwin Anthony. So when he made his wedding news official, just like his movies, it also received much discussion and went viral. Alphonse is one of the directors who understands what the audience needs and also knows the pulse of the audience. To make a movie hit at the theatres there is a lot of planning that should be done, this amateur director through his films have proven that he is the master of all master plans. That is why this filmmaker is tasting back to back success in his ventures which is full of effort and dedication to make the two and half hours in the cinema hall entertaining and interesting.

His wedding ceremony was attended by many stars from the film industry. Sai Pallavi, who debuted through his film Premam was also there at the occasion and Tamil actor Siddharth also attended the wedding to share love and blessing to this newly wedded couples.

We wish Alphonse Puthren and Aleena Mary a happy married life and all the luck for their future.

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