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Prithviraj hints about the possibility of a sequel to Ranam!

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Prithviraj hints about the possibility of a sequel to Ranam!

Prithviraj’s ambitious crossover film ‘Ranam’ aka ‘The Detroit Crossing’ was a hugely hyped film that didn’t quite live up to the expectations. Written and directed by debutant Nirmal Sahadev, the film told the troubled lives of a bunch of Malayalis and a Sri Lankan Tamilian drug lord living in Detroit. The attempt to make a crossover film was appreciated by many but it didn’t work overall, majorly due to the lack of proper substance.

In an intriguing Instagram post today, Prithviraj has written that he is tempted to make a sequel to ‘Ranam’. Apparently, Nirmal Sahadev’s original vision of the film could not be brought on screen, reasons for the same, however, are not yet known. Sharing a clip from Ranam, the actor has written,

Knowing what Nirmal Sahadev’s original vision was, and also knowing how much of the script we couldn’t film, sometimes I’m tempted to attempt a sequel to what Aadhi in Ranam could have been.

It will be interesting to see if Prithviraj is daring enough to do a sequel to ‘Ranam’. Let’s wait and see.

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