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Producers and distributors decide not to cooperate with Liberty Basheer

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Producers and distributors decide not to cooperate with Liberty Basheer

The Exhibitors Federation headed by Liberty Basheer is on the verge of termination as the existing members are gradually joining the new union formed by actor Dileep.

The new union named as Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK) is headed by actor Dileep and Antony Perumbavoor. The union has the backing of producers and the distributors association.

The General Body meeting called by the Exhibitors Federation during the cinema strike had 102 members while the meeting held recently witnessed only around 50 members. Currently, only those members under the new union will be provided with new releases. So the remaining members are also expected to join the FEUOK.

In the recent General Body meeting, some members alleged that Liberty Basheer’s leadership was the reason for the current situation and that he should immediately resign from the post.

Following that Liberty Basheer and others resigned their post and handed over the administration to the Advisory Committee. However, Liberty Basheer has claimed that he resigned the post because his tenure will be ending on January 31st and hence will preside the advisory committee.

Actor Dileep is the president of Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK) while producer MC Bobby was named as the general secretary. Antony Perumbavoor, KE Ijaz, G George were named as the vice presidents of the new union.

Dileep had earlier mentioned that Liberty Basheer is welcome to join the new union but the producers and distributors have decided not to cooperate with Liberty Basheer. The producers and distributors have made their intent clear by not providing new releases to around 25 theatres including Liberty Basheer’s for initiating the cinema strike and thereby triggering huge losses for the industry. Thalassery, Mavelikkara, Edappally, Tripunithura, Kazhakoottam, Manjeri, Chalakudy, Kanjani are the centres excluded by the distributors.

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