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Producers Association coming up with new plans to tackle the cinema strike

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Producers Association coming up with new plans to tackle the cinema strike

To tackle the ongoing cinema strike, the producers association are planning to release movies in B class theatres, government theatres, malls and in those theatres who are willing to come out of the Exhibitors Federation.

Reportedly, the Exhibitiors Federation, which is an association for A class theatres are still not ready for any compromise to settle the issue. The producers and distributors association are planning to release the new movies in B Class theatres, malls and in theatres that are willing to move out of the Federation. They claim that this move to release the movies without the support of Federation can be a huge set back for them and can cause troubles within the theatre owners.

Exhibitors Federation president Liberty Basheer was earlier criticised by Siyad Koker, president of the distributors association for his authoritarian decisions that is worsening the issue. State Cultural Workers’ Welfare Fund Board chairperson actor-producer P Sreekumar has now alleged that there is gross irregularity in ticket rates in theatres owned by Liberty Basheer. P Sreekumar has demanded for a vigilance investigation against him. Many people have accused the Federation for screening other language movies while stalling the release of Malayalam movies. Now there are reports that there will be no more screenings in Kerala and that all the theatres will be closed until there is an amicable settlement for the issue.

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