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Protest against upcoming Dileep film named Professor Dinkan

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Protest against upcoming Dileep film named Professor Dinkan

The protest strangely coming from a group of people who calls themselves Dinkoists who said to be the followers of Dinkan, the popular comic character in Malayalam comics. They says that Dinkoism is now a religion for those who follows Dinkan and making fun film in the name of Dinkan is like hurting the emotions of Dinkoists. Dileep has a Restaurant in Ernakulam named Dhe Puttu and the Dinkoists came there with placards and staged their protest in front of the restaurant.

They formed an army named Mooshika Sena and created a Facebook page in the same name as well. They had trolled the film with funny posts and trolled Dileep as well. They said their aim is to protect Dinkan and Dinkoism. The thought of this funny ad strange protest had come from a group of people active in social Media and it is said that they are making this kind of a protest to ridicule and satirize the protests staged by different religious groups against different movies. We saw such example when the films like Vishwaroopam by Kamala Hasan and PK by Aamir Khan released. The comic character Dinkan was a popular comic hero in a comic book for children named Balamangalam.

Through this Dinkoism and dinkoist movement, this group is really slapping in the face of different religious groups for the immature and unhealthy attitude they shows in the society. The film Professor Dinkan will be a 3D film and will be directed by popular Cameraman named Ramachandra Babu. It’s his debut film as a director. Rafi is writing the script and Dileep is coming as a magician in this film. Magicial Gopinath Muthukad also acting in this film as per reports and the shoot will start very soon.

Anyway the protest from Dinkoists had taken as a perfect real life troll towards the religious groups and their unwanted protests in society. Mooshika Sena and Dinkoism is getting great attention and support from Social Media as well.

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