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Rajinikanth will play Tippu Sulthan’s role in spite of political pressure

Rajnikanth in Tipu Sultan

It has been a big news for film lovers when the report first came that Rajinikanth is all set to play the role of Tippu Sultan. The fans of Rajinikanth and film lovers were totally excited to hear it as they always love the super star playing the heroic roles. But following that news there is another news came that Bharatiya Janata Party had warned Rajinikanth to not to do the character of Tippu Sultan.

Even the National leader of the party like H. Raja had publicly come out against the prospect of Rajinikanth playing the role of Tippu Sultan and sources close to Rajani said that the actor is not at all decided upon playing the role of Tippu Sultan and all news that was coming is only a rumour. But now the latest version of the news coming in which says that in spite of all the political pressure put by Sangh Parivar , Rajinikanth is ready to play the character of Tippu Sultan.

The news came out after the Kannada director Ashok Ghani who is directing this film said so to the media. He said in a media interview that there is no problem of Rajinikanth backing out from the project as he is ready to play the character of Tippu. Ashok Ghani says that now he is on the scripting stage of the film and will complete it in 1 year time. They are planning to make the film in multiple Indian languages as well as in English. He said that it was Rajinikanth himself suggested the name of Tippu Sultan when they discussed about films on biopic of great people.

Earlier the political pressure came from Sangh Parivar as they accuses that Tippu Sultan was always against Hinduism and he also destroyed many temples. There is another accusation is that he was against Tamil people and always insulted Tamilians. So when a Tamilian like Rajinikanth himself plays the character of Tippu Sultan in a film which glorifies him as a ruler then it will send wrong message to the Tamil people. Bharatiya Janata Party in Tamil Nadu is on the stand that they will not allow the film to go on floors as they got complaints from various Tamil organizations.

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