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“Rakshadikari Baiju is just awesome!” says Neeraj Madhav

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“Rakshadikari Baiju is just awesome!” says Neeraj Madhav

Ranjan Pramod’s directorial after a short while Rakshadikari Baiju Oppu had hit theatres a few days back. The movie built up with an amazing storyline and plot is gaining absolutely exciting reviews and ratings from audience all over Kerala after it’s initial days​. The movie set on a village background is said to be another Maheshinte Prathikaaram due to it’s unique and simple making.

Many celebs had earlier posted reviews in favour of this small flick and now youngster Neeraj Madhav too joins them. The actor posted on his official Facebook handle: “Even if we rely on online reviews or advertisements to watch a good movie, sometimes we take in our own decision or an advice from a trusted friend

Similarly, I had gone to watch Rakshadikari Baiju Oppu after a much impressive advice from a friend of mine. “Bro an awesome flick, go get your ticket soon!” When I had referred Book My Show, the Monday night show was filled. What I mean to tell is isn’t these the factors to understand whether a film is good or not… I’m not gonna give a detailed review of the movie here; an awesome flick, all made me laugh and cry. I had left the theater with a happy heart. Biju bro, you are our pearl; Ranjan bro, amazing work and your best till date. Don’t miss this one in theaters guys” he ended.

The movie directed and penned by Ranjan Pramod is bankrolled by Alexander Mathew and Satheesh Kolam. Bijibal’s tracks and background scores requires special mention. Prasanth Raveendran cranks the camera and Samjith handles the editing department. Deepak Parambol, Hannah Reji Koshy, Aju Varghese, Hareesh Kanaran, Indrans, Janardhanan, Alencier Ley and Dileesh Pothen have also done a brilliant performance in this flick.

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