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Ram Gopal Varma says sorry to Mammootty

Ram Gopal Varma says sorry to Mammootty-Onlookers Media

After all that controversy, debates, discussions, online attacks and all sorts of things the Mammootty- Ram Gopal Varma seems to have an end by the apology from the part of the director himself today. But it seems that apology itself carries enough dose of fire power to carry out another session of all the above things we told at the very start of this news. We are giving all the details of this controversy right from the very beginning to you all and you all now know what is the position of this issue and where it was going. So there was no need to elaborate things which we did in our earlier news regarding this controversy.

Now Ram Gopal Varma himself offered an apology through his twitter account and in his so called apology tweet he said first thing as reply to Dulquer Salmaan’s tweet which says that he cannot become even one tenth of an actor which his father is. As an answer for this Ram Gopal Varma in his reply at first said that he always speaks out what he feels as it is his way of expressing his happiness after seeing or hearing something and the same he did here as well. It is not the first time at all.

Then Ram Gopal Varma said that what he meant with that comments is that Dulquer Salmaan is an extra ordinary actor who born as a son to a great actor. RGV told that some morons don’t have the wisdom to understand what he said and they don’t even differentiate between what compliments and what insult is. So he is saying sorry to those morons who did not understood what he said. Later Ram Gopal Varma said to Dulquer that please explain what he meant to his father Mammootty and if he also don’t understand what he said then he is saying sorry to Mammootty as well.

At last Ram Gopal Varma ended his string of tweets by saying that still he is pretty sure to say that Dulquer is a far more superior actor than Mammootty and it was his honest opinion as a free citizen of India who have all the rights to express his own opinion which reflects his own view. Earlier Amitab Bachan in his blog said that he saw the film OK Kanmani with his daughter Sweta and he praised Dulquer Salman and Nithya for their good performance in that blog.

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