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Rangeela director Santhosh Nair is in awe of Sunny Leone’s dedication!

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Rangeela director Santhosh Nair is in awe of Sunny Leone’s dedication!

As we already know, Sunny Leone is starring in a new Malayalam movie titled ‘Rangeela’. Though she had earlier appeared in a dance number in ‘Madhura Raja’, this will be her first full-length role in Malayalam. The movie is being directed by Santhosh Nair of ‘Money Ratnam’ and ‘Sachin’ fame. First schedule of the film has been wrapped up and the director is already in complete awe of Sunny Leone’s dedication.

In a recent interview to TOI, the director opened up more about his working experience with the Bollywood star. Sunny is very particular and punctual about time. Initially, the team had shot for only 8 hours a day. Sunny, who had allotted 12 hours of call sheet for a day, even enquired why they weren’t shooting for long periods. Director Santhosh admits that he had never seen such a dedicated actress in the industry. According to him, not many artists, especially women in Malayalam cinema would invest so much time or hard work into a project.

‘Rangeela’ is a fun filled road movie. The story of is reportedly set around a group of people’s journey from Goa to Hampi. Sunny plays a character named Sandra Lopez, who is a Bollywood actress. Her character does a lot of charity work and the movie is centred around the events that occur related to Sandra sponsoring a village. Although Sunny’s character will be present throughout, she won’t be having many Malayalam dialogues.

The story of ‘Rangeela’ is written by Jayalal Menon, who is also the producer. His own banner Backwater Studio is producing the movie jointly with Fairytale Productions. It will be distributed by One World Entertainments. Once the Corona virus crisis is over, the team will resume shoot. Goa, Kochi, Hampi and Chikmagalur are the major locations.

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