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RS Vimal against Kanchanamala

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Kanchanamala once again become the topic of hot debate in Kerala, specially, in Malayalam Cinema and social media platforms. We had already given you the updates that is happening for the last few days. It included actor Siddique’s comment about Kanchanamala as he said that Kanchanamala’s love for Moideen is not that pure and immortal and also she unduly trying take the credit of the success of the film Ennu Ninte Moideen.

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As a replay to actor Siddique, Kanchanamala came out and said that she don’t even care what someone like Siddique says as he is among those who is foolish as well as standing with her enemies to attack her. She also said that she don’t need the certificate of Siddique to prove his love for Moideen and the people of Mukkam knows all that. But now, the director of the film also came up with allegations against Kanchanamala as RS Vimal said that she don’t even tried to lit a candle with her own money for Moideen and blaming others for forgetting Moideen Seva Mandir.

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RS Vimal said that it was after the release of the film that she had become so popular all over Kerala and it was that helped her to get donations for Moideen Seva Mandir and also made her a respectable figure all around Kerala. After taking up all that advantages the film gave her, she is blaming the film and the team behind it whenever and wherever she gets chance. It was ridiculous to say the least. She blamed the team of the film of not giving any financial help to her Moideen Seva Mandir. But the donation she gets now from all around is all because of this film and the fact of the matter is that she herself has properties worth crores of rupees. But she still didn’t use that money to revive the Moideen Seva Mandir and now blaming others.

RS Vimal said the even before the start of the film they had given 5 Lakhs of rupees to the Moideen Seva Mandir. Still she blaming them and also created all sorts of problem by filing case against them asking 5 crore as compensation. The court understood the innocence of the team and rejected her plea. Now she is saying she can withdraw the case. How one can withdraw a case which is already rejected by the court, asks RS Vimal

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