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Sabumon got thrown out of Take It Easy for insulting Mohanlal ?

Sabumon got thrown out of Take It Easy for insulting Mohanlal

One of the recent issue that really created waves in social media in Kerala was the insulting of Mohanlal and his Late father by a Television anchor and cine artist named Sabumon Abdusamad and the reaction of the public and fans of Mohanlal against his words. Sabumon Abdusamad who shot to fame through some fun based shows in mini screen was recently doing a popular fun program named Take It Easy in Mazhavil Manorama Channel.

Today in his Facebook page he posted a status indicating that he is going out of that program and he says bye bye Take It Easy and also thanked everyone for the support they given all these years for his programs. But reports are coming that Mazhavil Manorama take him out of the program due to the decrease popularity of this man or in other words he has a negative publicity after he had made that insulting comment against Mohanlal and his Late father.

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The actual incident was that when he posted a status about the killing of street dogs supporting it, some animal lover in support of dogs posted a photo in the comment box and the photo is that of Mohanlal sitting in house with his pet dog which he actually posted in his Facebook page a few months back. But Sabumon’s reaction to that photo comment was rude as he reacted to that in bad words without any respect to Mohanlal an even indirectly mentioned Mohanlal’s father in it as well. That really made the things worse and Mohanlal fans who is unarguably the biggest fans force here started an online attack on him.

That resulted in the deactivation of his Facebook account at first. Later a director who is going to do a film under his production publicly said that he will not his film under such a person’s production house who insulted the most loved actor of Kerala, Mohanlal. Later he come up with an apology for hid bad words which comes out of anger but that too was not well received by public as they were as angry with him for insulting Mohanlal. Now an exit from his program Take it easy makes it all for him.

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