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Saiju Kurup and Tanvi Ram Commence Filming for ‘Abhilasham’.

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Saiju Kurup and Tanvi Ram Commence Filming for ‘Abhilasham’.

Renowned Mollywood actor Saiju Kurup has embarked on his latest cinematic journey as he graces the sets of ‘Abhilasham.’ This much-anticipated film began production in Calicut on October 17th, under the adept direction of Shamzu Zayba, known for his previous work on ‘Maniyarayile Ashokan,’ produced by Duquar Salmaan.

The dynamic duo of Ann Sariga Antony and Shankar Das are the creative minds behind ‘Abhilasham,’ driving the project under the banner of Second Show Productions. The filming of this enchanting story commenced in a charming village near Mukkam, Calicut, offering a stunning backdrop rooted in the heart of Malabar, Kerala.

‘Abhilasham’ narrates a tale of two middle-class families in Malabar, serving up a delectable mix of romance and drama. Saiju Kurup takes on the role of Abhilash, bringing to life a character fueled by an unrelenting determination to chase his long-held dreams.

Tanvi Ram, celebrated for her performances in movies like ‘Ambili’ alongside Soubin Shahir and ‘Advocate Mukundan Unni Associates’ with Vineeth Sreenivasan, steps into the character of Sherin in ‘Abhilasham.’

The cast further boasts talents such as Arjun Ashokan, Binu Pappu, Navas Vallikkunnu, Uma KP, Advocate Jayaprakash Kulur, and Seethal Sakariya, each contributing their unique essence to the narrative. The screenplay, a critical pillar of the film’s storytelling, is masterfully crafted by Jenith Kachappilly, with the melodious tunes composed by Sreehari K Nair. The film’s visuals are in the capable hands of Sajad Kakku, while the editing department is under the expertise of Nims.

Stay tuned for the magic that ‘Abhilasham’ promises to unfold as it takes us on a captivating journey through the cultural tapestry of Malabar, Kerala.

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