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Salman Khan should go to Pakistan says Togadia

Salman Khan should go to Pakistan says Togadia

Praveen Togadia who is the leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishat had said that Bollywood actor Salman Khan and AIMIM president Asasudhen Owaisi should go to Pakistan and live there. Togadia said this because Salman Khan and Asasudhen Owaisi had openly shown their support to Yakoob Memon who had been sentenced to hang by our honorable judicial system in the case of Mumbai explosion.

Praveen Togadia says that the parents of Salman Khan and Asasudheen Oawisi don a mistake that they did not went to Pakistan in 1947 and now both Salman khan and Asasudheen Oawisi should correct that mistake done by their parents by going and living in Pakistan. Togadia ridicule Salman khan that he will be happy being with the terrorists in Pakistan and his film may get a better market there in Pakistan than in India.

Praveen Thogadia said that these people will be nowhere be seen or comment if the person who is sentenced to be hanged was person who is following Hindu Religion. There will not be no Salman Khan and no Asasuheen Owaisi to support of the convicted person is from Hindu religion. By supporting Yakoob Memon who is convicted and sentence to hang till death by our Honourable Supreme court of India, Salman Khan and Asasudheen Owaisi showed and proved that if terrorism has a religion then it will be Islam. Praveen Togadia also said that people like Salman Khan and Asasuheen Owaisi should be ousted from the society and they should be cast way from the Indian society.

The issue had raised up when Salman Khan tweeted that instead of hanging and killing Yakoob Memon in the Mumbai explosion case his brother tiger Memon is the one should get the punishment of hanging till death. But the tweet attracted severe criticism and created controversy and later Salman Khan had deleted the tweet from his twitter account. Now by this reaction from Praveen Togadia had come out the issue seems to be going to another level of its controversial status. This will surely evoke problems in some other communities and also among the people who follows Salman Khan.

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