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Siddique against Kanchanamala !

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Kanchanamala become one of the most popular person in Kerala with the release of the film Ennu Ninte Moideen by RS Vimal which told the epic love story between her and Moideen. But later some comments made her in different issues made some people tell that who the hell is Kanchanamala to interfere in all matters in Kerala and in Malayalam cinema. Actor Siddique is now come out against her remarks on certain issues and also her attitude after she got popular through that movie which told her life story.

Siddique asks that what the so called immortality or bliss in the love of Kanchanamala as some celebrates. He says that she loved Moideen and later remained unmarried after the death of Moideen in memory of him. But what about the women of Kerala who dedicates their whole life to their husbands and children , sacrificing all their personal wishes, comforts etc. He says that it is there love is that which is immortal and blissful. It has to be celebrated rather than Kanchanamala’s. He says that Kanchanamala can’t become the ambassador of Love as there are many around us who are just living like her. So why she is been getting special treatment.?

Siddique said that she herself thinks that she is above many and making some remarks on that ground about others. He said that every art is an imitation of life and it is the skill of the artist that makes it immortal. Kanchanamala can’t boast that it is because of her life that RS Vimal got the success through Ennu Ninte Moideen. Siddique said that why she is saying that if she was not said the name of Prithviraj as the male lea in this film, this film would not have been happened..? Even if she had told nothing about Prithviraj, RS Vimal could have cast him as the male lead.

Then Siddique asks angrily that who the hell she is and what she think of herself to pass remarks on leading actors of Malayalam cinema using bad words. Kanchanamala reportedly mocked Mohanlal and Mammootty using some words which is like insulting their physique and age. Siddique said that all the credit of Ennu Ninte Moideen film and its success was deserved by RS Vimal and not Kanchanamala. He is the last word in the matter of that film and Kanchanamala is nothing in front of him related to that film.

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