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Sidharth Bharathan may leave hospital tomorrow

Sidharth Bharathan may leave hospital tomorrow

At last good news to come to Malayali film lovers and those who prayed for the actor/director Sidharth Bharathan’s life. As per the latest medical report the actor/director who has been in the hospital for a while following a serious injury happened to him by a car accident at Kochi may leave the hospital tomorrow. According to the doctors he is coming back to his normal life and responding very well to all the medicines. Now he will need mainly physio therapy to get back his crisp movements with his legs on which a surgery has been made few days back as it was broken badly after the accident.

His mother actress KPAC Lalitha thanked all who had prayed for him and supported them during this horrible time. His life was in grave danger after the accident and he was in ventilator for many days fighting with his life. In the first few days it was a situation that anything can happen to him. But later he began to respond to the medicines and then only doctors were able to conduct some surgeries on him, specially on his legs. They had also done physio therapy after the surgery and he is responding well to that too. Doctors also said that there is no problems with his memory power too as he can remember everything in the past.

Sidharth bharathan had met the media as well today. While he was with media persons there was his mother KPAC Lalitha and the MD of Medical trust hospital Mr. PV Antony and also the doctors who treated him were along with him. After the accident he was directly bring to the medical trust hospital from the place of the accident. His car was crashed in to a wall near Chambakkara Kochi at around 2.30 in the morning. The car had to be broken in to pieces to get him out of the car as he was jammed inside the vehicle as the accident was very severe. Sidharth was coming to his flat in Tripunithura.

His directorial venture Chandrettan Evideya released in this year May and got success as well. Hope he will come back to film field soon.

Photo Credits : Syam Kunjan

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