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Sidharth Bharathan’s health condition stabilizing

Sidharth Bharathan’s health condition stabilizing

Actor/director Sidharth Bharathan who was in the hospital with critical injury due to a road accident is showing signs of stability in his health condition. According to people who visited the hospital who discussed his health condition with the doctors Sidharth is showing great signs of improvement which will make things a little easier for the doctors. Sidharth was in the ventilator with all life-saving aids for the last few days. Due to his response to the medication, they had took him out of ventilator on an experimental basis.

Reports also came that when doctors called him by his name he responded to them by making a sound. His mother KPAC Lalitha is allowed to see him as well. ICP monitoring facility is also there for him to recognize even the smallest pressure variations in his brain so that the ease to predict even the remote chance of bleeding in brain is increased and prevent it with timely and proper medicines. Doctors also informed that the injury in his leg and hands will only be treated after 2 more days of proper observation. The injury to his skull and ribs will be cured automatically as well.

The people close to him also thanked Doctor Sudheesh Karunakaran for his support and help. They appealed to everyone to pray for his life and health. Now there is hope all around and we are also hoping that Sidharth Bharathan will come back as strong as ever and will amaze us with his astoundingly creative works.

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