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Social media targets Mammootty again

Social media targets Mammootty again-Onlookers Media

Mega star Mammootty is been the target of our social media circles for sometime now. There has been a lots of issue is happening around him which involves him too in that and all going in the wrong way possible for him to say the least. Sometime back it was the Ram Gopal Varma and so called Junior Artist usage issue which also involved his son Dulquer Salmaan in it and it was in fact started related to Dulquer and his Tamil release helmed by Mani Ratnam named OK Kanmani. But somehow it become a problem for Mammootty and he has been in the news for a while for that issue involving him, his son and Ram Gopal Varma.

Later another issue poped up and this time it is not about Junior artist but about serial artists. Yes it was an issue which had happened when Mammootty attended the television award function at Ankamaly which was organized by the Asianet Tele Communication. In that function Mammootty spoke some words which was a bit of criticism for the serial culture and the accusation came straight away in the social media that mammootty had insulted and spoke in an inappropriate manner about the serial artists and many serial artist and technicians came out and said that they never expected this from a man of Mammootty’s stature.

But that too somehow over and there comes another one. This time it included his friend and the universal star of Mollywood. Yes, Mohanlal it is and the problem is that when director Shaji Kailas has given an interview to an online page and in that as a reason of the shelving of his comeback project with Mohanlal and Mammootty in the lead he said that Mammootty said to him that he will not act with Mohanlal in that film. That too become a great issue in social media.

The last and latest one is that when Mammootty said in an anti smoking campaign that once he was a big smoker and used to smoke 100-120 cigarettes a day. Social took that and began to troll him whatever way they can. But now it seems so unfair to him. Because he had done many good deeds and charities for our society. But nothing makes a news like all of these bad ones.And now we have to see that how Mammootty going to react to all these activities against him in social media.

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