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Sudani From Nigeria is Prithviraj’s most favorite film of 2018

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Sudani From Nigeria is Prithviraj’s most favorite film of 2018

Prithviraj is one among the most sensible actors in Malayalam film industry. Not just on the acting front, he has a very sound knowledge on the technical and various other aspects of filmmaking. Apart from being a leading star, Prithviraj is also turning a director and producer this year. His command over the medium is quite popular within the industry. Recently, in an interview, when asked about his favorite film of 2018, Prithviraj said it was ‘Sudani From Nigeria’. He also had high regard for films like ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’ and ‘Ee Maa Yau’.

Zakariya’s ‘Sudani From Nigeria’ is one of the best films to come out of Malayalam cinema in recent years. The movie which told the story of a Malappuram based local football club manager’s warm relationship with his African player was a big success, both critically and commercially. The movie was screened at several prestigious film festivals and won a handful of awards as well.

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